Lyn’s top issues for the next term.

1. Water

Water is a high priority for our district and the region.

Council along with other key stakeholders have established a Wairarapa Water Resilience Strategy Group. This group will work to develop a plan for the Wairarapa.

Regardless of whether you are a water user in industry, business, farming or as a resident we all need water, it’s a precious resource and we must work together to conserve it to ensure water is available when we need it.

Council will begin the roll out of smart water meters to urban properties later this year. Metering allows residents to better understand their water usage and will assist in conserving water and reducing water leakages on private properties. Council has increased the annual spend on water pipe renewals of our older pipes to reduce water leakage.

The three waters (potable water, wastewater and stormwater) review currently being undertaken by central government may well have implications for all Council’s across New Zealand.

2. Housing

Lack of social (public) housing is an issue for Masterton like many other provincial districts in New Zealand.

Council has about 75 flats for seniors. I have been a strong advocate for more social housing in Masterton to meet the needs of families.

Masterton has been allocated fifty public houses in the NZ Public Housing Plan announced by central government in August 2018. I look forward to those plans being actioned in the near future.

The Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy has the development of a Wairarapa Housing Plan as a key action and work on developing this plan is well under way.

3. Climate Change

There is no question that we are undergoing changing weather patterns.

The Greater Wellington Regional Council commissioned report from NIWA, published in 2017, leaves no doubt that Masterton’s climate will become hotter, with less rainfall therefore more droughts and intensive rain falls.

Council has a leadership and community education role as well as taking action to mitigate the risks that changes to our climate will have on our environment.  We need to prepare for the impact of likely increased storm events on our infrastructure, our rivers and our potable water, sea level rise on coastal properties and the potential of changing land use and what that may mean for our economy.

Council will develop a Climate Change Action Plan this financial year and will continue to work on reducing our own carbon emissions – measured through our accreditation with CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme).

4. Civic Centre (Town Hall)

The Town Hall has been out of commission now for over three years. It is an important facility for us all.

The current Municipal Building has stood tall and proud for just over one hundred years (with major repairs after the 1942 earthquake) so we need to ensure that whatever option is selected, it is fit for purpose for not only the current generation but for the generations to come.

A Statement of Proposal with the different options, costs and impact on rates of each of the options will be distributed for public consultation in November and will include public submissions. The final decision will be made by Council elected after the October 12th election.

I have had discussions with Council’s from other districts on the processes that they went through when strengthening or replacing Civic facilities and can assure you all that the process we are following is no different to their experiences and timeframe.

5. Stormwater Strategy

The management of stormwater to ensure that public and private properties, infrastructure as well as people are protected is vital.

We need to not only manage our stormwater in the urban environment but also ensure that the disposal of stormwater does not cause adverse effects on the receiving environment – the Ruamahanga river.

The Stormwater Strategy is planned to be completed this financial year.

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I am pleased to be supporting Lyn Patterson’s candidacy for the Masterton Mayoralty.

Lyn has provided excellent leadership over the past six years as a strong advocate for our district both at regional and national level. During that time Lyn has developed an impressive network which continues to provide benefits now and in the future.

Lyn’s leadership has focussed on creating an inclusive community and recognising that as we improve and upgrade all our services and infrastructure our total population is considered.

I am confident as we consider the many sustainability challenges including climate change, water, infrastructure and community facilities, Lyn will provide the balanced leadership to meet our dreams and aspirations.

Bob Francis

In my experience, Lyn has done an outstanding job working in the interests of Masterton and the wider Wairarapa.

She is utterly dedicated, open-minded and has a rare ability to see the bigger picture and to get things done.

Who could ask for more than that in a mayor?

Chris Laidlaw

Chair, Greater Wellington Regional Council